Tuesday, May 13

My little baby is growing up!!!

So we made the decision on Sunday to break our 2 year old of the pacifier! This was NOT an easy decision, NOT something that we particularly wanted to tackle, but knew we had to do it!!!
So we lied! Yeah, I know, but we sort of had to! We told him that he was giving his paci to his little baby cousin. This was much easier and less traumatic then throwing the thing away. So we lied, told him that "the baby has it" and moved on. So ask him where his paci is? "Da BEE BEE" (the baby!) Yes, this seems to "pacify" him (no pun intended!) We are doing well with this, we have made it through 2 nights and one nap. The second attempted nap was filled with jumping on the bed and singing Hannah Montana. After 20 minutes, I gave up trying to get him to sleep and let him play! So we are pacifier free, terrible liars and hoping that night 3 goes as well as the other 2!!!!


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