Wednesday, May 7


Is it possible to be SOOO tired that you really and truly lose your mind??? I am convinced that this is a real possibility for me! I decided last week to be "healthier" e.i. drinking little to NO caffeine....which means...I must give up my first love....Starbucks!!!! EEEKKKK!!! I have done it for a week, which I truly believe is longer than I have EVER gone without! I am cranky! I am tired! And I know I am not pleasant to be around (my husband has informed me of this on more than one occasion!) But I am still trying! Drinking a hot tea once every other day or so, just to make the caffeine deprived headaches go away! Whats more is I am also in the middle of an excruciating work out routine in preparation for a 12 mile run at the end of May. So Monday...alarm goes off at 4:30am so that I can get to the gym a little before 5am for 20-25 minutes of speedwork or walking (if I am having a lazy day) on the treadmill and then a one hour BODY PUMP class! Tuesday...alarm goes off at 5am, drive to meet my running buddies for a 5 mile run. Weds....repeat the Monday routine! Thurs..repeat the Tues routine! Friday sleep in until 6:30am. Sat...alarm goes off at 5:45 so that we can do our "long" run which has consisted of adding a mile every week for the past 4 weeks....we are on 10 miles this weekend! Yikes!!! So...I sit here, typing this, exhausted, at 10pm knowing I should be in bed, cuz I have to run 5 miles tomorrow! But I am a little crazy....obviously! And I am a little I may just continue to sit her for a while!!!


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