Tuesday, May 13

Don't hate the mailman

So I put a bill in the mailbox (and yes, I should have sent it a week ago, but didnt...I am a procrastinator). I set in the mailbox sticking out so that the mailman can take it.
I run my errands and come home, my mailbox is shut and no bill is sticking out, so I assume that my mailman has taken it and dropped off my mail. NO! He hasnt! He has simply dropped off my mail and shoved my bill back into my mailbox! I am IRRITATED! Doesn't he know that he needs to TAKE the bill with him?!?!?! Doesn't he realize that I NEED to get this bill in on time?!?!?!?
And then I look a little harder in the midst of yelling at my mailman in my head and realize.....I didnt put a stamp on the bill.....OOOPPPSSSSSS!!!!!!


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