Tuesday, May 13

And speaking of space cadet moments (see last post)

I dont usually drive my husbands car. So when my friends comes over to go to a restaurant with me, I grab the keys to DH's car, unlock car and proceed to get into the PASSENGER side of the car. My friend, totally bewildered, looks at me "Am I driving????" She asks. UUHHHH, NOOO I am just totally spacey and not thinking. So I get out of the car, walk to the driver side and get in. Off to the restaurant we go. We have a nice time and get back out to the car...and again...I unlock the doors, and proceed to get right in to the passenger side.....and again....she looks at me "UMMMM Nicole???? Are you sure you dont WANT me to drive??? Are you ok???" UUHHHH NO...No I dont want you to drive and NO I am not ok! I am OFF caffeine and I am losing my mind!!!!


Liz McCoy said...

oh my goodness bless your heart!! LOL!!!

Katie B. said...

That's really funny.

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