Tuesday, May 27

Welcoming Truman to the Fam!

We got a dog! And not just a small little cutsie puppy, but a DOG a 40 pound 8-yr-old Wheaten Terrier who ran away from home (a block away from our house) and found himself in our driveway! He hung out with us until his owners could come get him. But said owners have SIX yes SIX kids and the mom had had enough! So we ended up keeping Truman! It was crazy, but we couldnt be happier!!!! Posting some "before" photos. This was the day we got him, but we had to take him in to get his hair cut because he was a MESS, he had been running away almost every other day from the previous owners and had so much junk in his fur that they trimmed him really short!! I need to take some photos, but he has EYES now!!!! Anyway, we are now the proud owners of Truman and he is a totally sweetheart!!!!!!


Liz McCoy said...

how exciting!!! can't wait to see him all trimmed up :)

Dodie said...

oh, yeah ... he just is way toooooo cute! Welcome, Truman!

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