Tuesday, December 11


Wonderful. Counselor.  Mighty God.  Everlasting Father.  Prince of Peace.
Prince of Peace.
Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ  Romans 5:1
Peace.  Shalowm.  Eirene.
In Hebrew scripture the word Shalowm was used to denote wholeness.  To be complete.  When someone had peace with God they were in a whole relationship.  They were made complete.  They were in a right relationship with no war or strife.  When we jump over to the New Testament and find the word peace.  The Greek word used was Eirene.  Completeness.  Soundness.
Peace didn’t necessarily mean a happy feeling.  You can be happy no matter who you are given the right situation.  But are you COMPLETE?  Are you WHOLE?  Not without God.  NOT without Christ who through FAITH makes us WHOLE, COMPLETE, SOUND, RIGHT with GOD!!!!


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