Sunday, December 2

Advent Journal Day 2

I finished Day 2 of my Advent Journal for December.

I took a photo of my dining room table center piece. During the year the bowl is filled with potpouri and the vase is filled with dry flowers. But during Christmas, I decorate with evergreen, cranberries (fake), Christmas balls and bells and I stuck 3 large nails in the vase. They remind me that while Jesus came as a sweet little baby, he came to sacrifice His life on the cross. He came to die. And those nails remind me to be thankful for the price He paid! 

Journaling says:
 Do not be afraid.  Certainly NOT the most important words of this verse.  Probably even some of the most easy to overlook.  But for an easily anxious person like me in a very fallen world, those words are so comforting.  Do not be afraid, NICOLE.  Do not be afraid because My love is more than you can imagine.  Do not be afraid because I, God, the creator of heaven and earth love you enough to send My own Son to die in your place.  Do not be afraid because I have your best in mind.  I love those words. 
Do not be afraid.  I also love that Mary’s response.  She was a real girl, who WAS afraid, who needed assurance, from God, just like me.  She needed to know that everything was going to be okay.  And I love that about Mary.  That she needed to be told to NOT be afraid and God provided assurance and tender love.  Let her response be my heart’s cry:  “I am the Lord’s servant,” Mary answered. “May your word to me be fulfilled.” Luke 1:38 
Lord, I am your servant.  I will not be afraid. Your will be done in my life!  Thank you for your assurance and your tender love and mercy! 

Come join us for Document December!!!


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