Tuesday, June 23

Yes Mommy......

So I am really trying to ingrain politeness into my kids. I read once that you should "practice" calling your kids to you and have them politely say "Yes, Mommy?" or something of the sort. And I ignored the advice, but over the last few weeks, I have gotten increasingly tired of the
"Hang on a minute!"
...silence....."Did you call me Mom????"

responses that I have been getting! So yesterday I started "practicing" calling my 3 year old....

try 1:
Me: "Tyler come here a second"
Tyler: "Yes Mommy?" ahhhh...perfect children are so wonderful! He has caught on so quickly! What a little genius!

try 2:
Me: "Tyler come here"
Tyler: "Yes Mudder?" (ok, thats great...but where did he get Mudder from? He NEVER calls me Mother/Mudder) Ok, so maybe not a genius, but still wonderful!

try 2:
Me: "Tyler come here a minute"
Tyler: "How are you doing Mudder?" Ok so maybe he doesn't get it! But gosh, dont you love imperfection?????


Nikki said...

So much better than, "NO!" So where does that rank on the genius spectrum? Better yet, I don't want to know!

nine said...

haha hilarious! Now you know you're going to make a kit named, "Yes, Mudder" LOL

Kathleen said...

Hey! Love the blog redo!

Delaney picked up Mudder and Fadder somewhere. When my Mom first heard it, she looked at me like "are you going to let her get away with that", but she says it in such a sweet endearing way!

Raven38 said...

My motto is if I can't get my kids to mind me their at least going to learn manners which for some reason it works better than them minding LOL.I can't get my 2yr old son to say "Yes, Mother!" or "Thank You,Mother!" all I get after everything I hand him is "Tank You!" LOL I also get that when I tell him "Thank You!" LOL he hasn't learned "Welcome!" yet but been trying just isn't working LOL now I do get "No Mama!" or "Yeah Mama!" from both my 18yr old & my 2yr old I think my 18 yr old daughter is wearing off on her little brother.I finally figured out that when he hollers "Num Num!" after he eats or drinks his saying "Yum Yum!" he also calls sweets "Num Num's!" when his actually saying "Yum Yum's!"LOL.I love hearing toddlers trying to talk for the first time its so cute as well as funny LOL.

Raven38 said...

Nicole there is no way you can deny your little guy he looks exactly like you his gorgeous!My daughter commented and said his beautiful!

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