Saturday, June 20

So my little stinker is sick!

A couple of you asked for more stories about my little guy and while he's been a real comedian lately, this morning he woke up and wasn't being himself. And half-hour later I am on my hands and knees scrubbing my rug cuz my little guy has the flu! UGGHH!!! Poor baby! So its going to be a day of snuggling (but not to close, I dont want those flu germs!) ;)

Yesterday's best Tyler quote:

Trying to explain to my three-year old why PEOPLE cant be washed in a washing machine....

Me: "Its very dangerous, you could get hurt or die if you got trapped in the washing machine" (very morbid I know! But I dont need my 3 year old trying to get in the washing machine!)
Tyler: mouth drops open and eyes go wide...."Oh no! Do the clothes die too?"


Raven38 said...

My 2yr old little guy got stung twice by 1 bee once on his big toe & just at the joint on the same toe & it didn't swell to bad that day next day his foot was twice it size I decided 2 take him to the ER I get there & get put into a room he hates closed doors so he throws a fit I told him we had to stay so he could see the doctor he looks at me with tears in his eyes & yells"NO DOCTOR!GO!" LOL.I started laughing it was so funny he looked so pitiful tho.Toddlers are a mess cause one minute they can make us so mad then the next they can say or do something thats got us rolling on the floor laughing our behinds off they are such precious babies!

TitanThirteen said...

lol kids are funny! My 9yo had that moment at the butcher a few weeks ago, where he realised that meat came from animals and started bawling! It took me quite a while to calm him down. Poor thing.

Nikki said...

So, Nicole, do the clothes die too?

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