Saturday, November 15

BLOG CHALLENGE!!! A week in my life....

Ok guys, I have been wanting to do this for a long time, but I need some support to actually COMPLETE my own challenge!!! I am going to try to scrap a "week in my life" with one page a day! And journal about the funny, silly, normal, boring, memorable and not so memorable things that happen that day! Sounds silly, but there are so many times that I say to myself "boy I wish I would have written that down!" So here is my chance (AND YOURS TOO!!!!!) There are NO limits on what products you can use, no prizes (unless self satisfaction counts as a prize!) and no time limit! I am just hoping that you will scrap a week with me!!! I started today (scrapping a layout about yesterday) because it was my son's bday! I am going to do my VERY VERY best to try to scrap the rest of the week! So scrap along with me! Take a photo each day, scrap it, journal and share it with me!!! I would love to hear about your week too!!!!


Fade2Pink said...

Nicole, what an unbelievably wonderful layout. It's perfect. What a picture to begin with, gorgeous. Those eyes, what a darling boy he is. Love the journaling and the use of your own, magnificent kit. Love it.

Jaye said...

Good luck with your scrap-a-week plan. Personally, I don't want to scrap my week of laundry and dishes.
BUT, if my now grown son were still this age,there would definitely something every day worth noting, funny remarks, faces, etc. Every moment is precious.
Your son has the face of an angel!

sandygb said...

What an absolutely stunning layout you created Nicole. You shoud definitely submit this one for publication!!!!! What a fantastic challenge. I don't know how successful I would be since my days are all the same.....get up, drink coffee, scrap......then do it all over again. LOL. I love the concept though.

Jen White said...

I've got mine started!! I was feeling up to a challenge and then the newly fallen snow this morning put me in gear! Thanks for the great idea. I look forward to seeing what you've got going for the rest of the week.

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