Monday, February 4

Lush Sparkle Page Kit

by D- Nicole Young

Love comes in all shapes and sizes AND COLORS!!! Who says love has to be pink and red??? How about some silvers and teals??? This fun and funky love kit is just what you need to sparkle up your pages!!! With elements that you will be able to use again and again for your layouts! This is the perfect addition to you growing collection!

Kit Includes:

    ~1 Teal Grunge Background

    ~1 Dark Grey Background

    ~1 Taupe Scroll Pattern Background

    ~1 Silver Crown

    ~1 Beaded Paper Edge

    ~1 Dotted Teal Ribbon

    ~1 Golden Stars Overlay

    ~1 Hanging Ribbon

    ~1 Altered Art Love Title

    ~1 Paper Frame

    ~1 Silk Butterfly

    ~1 Twirled Ribbon

File Size: 9.1MB

Altered Art, Love, Sparkle, Sparkly

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