Monday, January 28

What were your favorite toys or games when you were a child?

My favorite??? Hmmm....well...I loved Legos actually...that was my "engineering" phase. Then there was Barbies...that was my "hairdresser" phase (yes I did cut there hair...and NO it DIDN'T grow back!!!!!) Then there was my light bright...not sure what sort of phase that was....but I still like light bright (hence new February kit Rainbow Rock...yeah, you will have to wait and see) ...and yes that WAS a shameless plug for my new February kits!!!! LOL....ummmm what else???? I LOVED my Glow Worm and my creepy E.T. doll too (it was NOT soft, NOT cute, NOT was made of this p-leather stuff and was hard and REALLY ugly...but I liked him!!!!)
As far as games....Monopoly or Clue...but I was SUCH a sore loser!!! Well, still am!


loonyhiker said...

Isn't amazing how some toys are ageless. You played with some of the same toys I did only many many years (a couple of decades in fact) later. You know those were great toys!

Glynis said...

I'm not sure if my comment got saved or not...I wanted to say that I played with all of those things too, except, you got a light bright, you lucky! I always asked, but never received LOL :)

Stephani said...

AHHH! YOU had a light bright. COOL! We never had a light bright but a couple of my friends did and I had hours of fun doing all the different patterns. Lots of great memories!

mom2triplets04 said...

Oh I liked light brite too. Unfortunately, my children will not see that game for a long time. I can picture all those little pieces all over my house. Yikes!

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