Tuesday, October 23

Tell us--in glorious detail--about something you're embarrassed to admit you like...The BeeGees?Dollar Store fruitcake?Chia Pets?Having a tooth drilled?'Fess up. Put it out there. Own it.

Hmmm....well....let's see....I am not sure that I ever managed to make it through any stage of life without embarrassement, but honestly those stories really don't embarrass me much anymore!
I had the 80's bang for a LONG time!! I would put so much hairspray in my hair that it would stay in a ponytail well after the ponytail holder was gone. I still have a small addiction to hair products...5 different products into my hair each day (not to mention 2 seperate sets of shampoo and conditioner...one set to clean my hair, one set to make the red coloring last longer!)
I used to know every word to every Disney song lyric in existence...ok maybe not EVERY word, but pretty darn close!!! Sad when you know more words than your 7 year old!
I love to watch old episodes of Full House, Family Matters, and Saved by the Bell...doesn't everybody????

But the most recent embarrassing moment was...
A family reunion 2 hours away from home. Bags were packed, a change of clothes for the kids (you know how kids are!) and all sorts of fun activities for the car. And let me tell you, I looked spiffy!!! I had on a nice black shirt and some white capris (it was summer!) and I was so excited to see hundreds of people that I hadn't seen for a long time...so off we go! We get there, everyone is looking and acting their best! We have made it through the food line with no spills and I hand my daughter a cup of red fruit punch (you know what is coming right???)
Her hand comes up, my hand with punch in tow comes down. And suddenly the punch is catapulted out of my hand and drops straight to the floor. Punch leaps from the cup and manages to soak me from waist down! Yes now I have red tye dyed pants!!! And I have no change of clothes for myself! So for the remainder of the day, I walked around looking quite beautiful in my newly acquired tye-dye pants!!!! Yeah, just a little embarrassing!


Sandra said...

Hair products and a ponytail that stays in place without a ponyholder...that's brilliant!

I had a similar white pants fiasco happen to me...except it was a leaky diaper! Ew! I'd have gladly worn your fruit punch capri's.

Rusheika said...

I'm lucky if I ever have clean clothes on! Never fails... 10 minutes out of the house and one of the children manage to find something to adhere to some piece of my attire! One day they will be all grown up! Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Just think of yourself as a trendsetter. Yeah, that's the ticket. :)

Stephani said...

Ahhhh! Thanks for sharing. It never fails that when you wear white something will find it and spill all over you. I feel your pain! lol!

Denise said...

LOL, I always forget myself too when I'm bringing things like a change of clothes. Funny post.

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