Wednesday, October 24

Fill in the blank to make this old quote fit you: 'I _____; therefore I am.'

I LOVE; therefore I am.
I think that love would best describe me. I love my family and friends and often times wear my heart on my sleeve. I am not afraid to share my emotions with others. I cry or laugh or smile.
I remember almost every year throughout middle school and high school, my locker partner would be the "new" kid to school, because I never wanted them to feel left out or alone. I still do that. I still hate it when everyone is not included or when someone is hurting.
This year is my first year being the Sparks Director for AWANAs at my church. And I find that this is one of the most wonderful places that God has put me. I have a heart for those children who are sometimes hearing the message of Jesus and His love for the first time! It is amazing to see the joy in those kids faces when they have just faced a rough day at school, or are fighting with their friends and they get to come to a warm inviting environment where they find out how much God loves them!


Glynis said...

Beautifully said, Nicole! What a thing for us to be able to love those children, especially those in greatest need, just like Jesus Himself does. It brings tears to my eyes!

Unknown said...

Have to agree with glynis. Very beautifully put. Congrats on being the Spark director. I remember when the Princess use to go. She loved it.

Stephani said...

Ahhh...that was awesome!!

loonyhiker said...

Great answer! Sounds like you are loved as much as you love others!

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