Tuesday, September 25


Uhhh, I guess that's what I get for getting a little too busy and stressed! I managed to come down with shingles!
It all started with a pain in my shoulder that my husband attributed to too much time spent on the computer! When it didn't go away for almost a week, I started to get a little frustrated and worried! But I ignored it and kept busy. A few days went by and a red rash started on the back of my neck and the front of my shoulder. So, I ran into the Urgent Care Clinic, thinking I had a bad bug bite or allergic reaction....SHINGLES! Are you serious???
And the doctor says "Are you stressed?"
Well now I am!!!! I have shingles!!! I think to myself!
This is followed by " And just to let you know, some people will have chronic pain for the rest of their lives." GREAT!!! Now I am even more stressed...so here I sit, with shingles (not too painful most of the time, but each day seems to be getting a little worse than the one before!) but for now, it is a good excuse to scrap and read and take some time to RELAX!!!!!
God has an interesting way of slowing us down when we get too busy!!!!


Webfrau said...

Oh NO! I hope you don't suffer too much with it. Take care of yourself.

loonyhiker said...

I hear oatmeal baths are really soothing and help a little. Hope you get better!

Unknown said...

Oatmeal baths are soothing but for sheer joy and relaxation you can't beat a bubble bath by candle light with a cup of green tea and a good book.

J.G.H. said...

Hi Nicole, I've had shingles too, when I was a little stressed at work. But the pain did go away. Only now I have some nerve endings that are almost always itchy, just like chicken pox. They say that doesn't go away. I would say it's much better having that than the pain. I can live with itchiness!

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