Wednesday, September 26

Bring back the oldies. What fashion would you like to see make a comeback?

hmmm....I think I sort of have a love/hate relationship with the 80's! Sometimes I pray that those styles will be buried, never to be seen again, but other times, I think...Wow, I wish people wore those again...
Now keep in mind that i was born at the very beginning of the 80's, so for me, it was jellies (yes, those are shoes and I happen to know they are back in style!) and jumpers (no, this will not and was not ever a good look!)
I loved the big bangs (not the Big Bang) of the early 90's but I think my hair (and the ozone) appreciate that this style is long forgotten!
I hope that stirups never come back into style, but I am ok with the leggings (now if only my legs would cooperate and become pencil thin to make them look as good as they do on the shelves at the store!)
I love the punk-rocker style T-shirts, and in fact never really did let this fashion go...I have had my share of The Beatles and The Doors t-shirts.
I hope that Tye-dye comes back into style, I love tye-dye (yes, I am secretly a hippie! LOL)
But I also love the 70's styles of bell bottom jeans, clunky shoes, huge belts and plaid trench coats!
I don't know...maybe just give me a combination of all the fashion through the ages and I will be happy!!!!


loonyhiker said...

I forgot about stirrup pants! As a person with huge calves (I should say muscular due to hiking), these pants are not a pretty sight on my body! LOL

Unknown said...

I hated stirrups, they kept pulling the pants down. Oh how embarassing. I do like some of the others as well, the leggings, t's and so on.

Sandra said...

Stirrup pants worked for me, too. I loved the 80's fashion, except the dayglow colors.

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