Wednesday, September 12

Have you ever bought anything on the spur of the moment, something you weren't sure you would ever use, then realized you came home with a gem?

"Oh honey, look at this! I am SOOO buying it!!!"
"You already have one of those!"
"I know, but look at it, it is a lot different than the one I own! Plus it is so cheap!"
"Nicole, you were complaining about the budget just yesterday and said you weren't going to spend anymore money on junk!"
"UUUHHH!!!! THIS IS NOT JUNK! This is a treasure, look at it! I have the perfect place for it at home!!!"
"Put it back on the shelf, Nicole! You really don't need it and you already spent enough money for today!"
"PPPLEEEAAASSSEEEE!" (said in the sweetest most endearing voice I can muster!!!)
"Oh alright, but you can't get a Starbucks today!" (yes, that is the normal threat when I have spent too much money)
.....6 months later......
"Nicole, what is this thing sitting in the basement?"
"Oh, I don't like it anymore, you can just throw it away or I can put in the garage sale pile!"

Ok, so I spend on the spur of the moment a little TOO much...not much is actually a gem, but I certainly believe it to be one at the time! That is why I am married to the man that is slowly learning to put his foot down and say no (he has not quite mastered this yet!)

I do have one item that really is a treasure! I was wandering through some garage sales and found a large clay etched decorative plate that someone was selling without a price tag. The lady said her daughter was selling it, but wasn't sure how much for and I got to talking with the lady! Turns out her daughter was having to sell all her belongings (except for some essentials) due to some unfortunate circumstances. The lady told me that I could have the plate for $5.00. This was an INCREDIBLE deal, if you could see the plate. And as we continued talking, I found out that one of the items that her daughter was selling was a decorative item that had meant a lot to her. It had a price tag of $5.00, so I asked if I could pay for the item for her daughter to keep it. I understood that she needed the money, but I also wanted her to be able to keep her treasured item. The ladies eyes welled up with tears and she thanked me. I never saw the lady again or met her daughter, but everytime I look at that plate (which holds a Yankee Candle and some potporri) I think of how it was a gift that really kept on giving!


mom2triplets04 said...

Really enjoyed your entry again today. Love your conversation like journaling. I have been in your shoes a lot lately. And you really have a kind sole to give that lady money so she could keep her item at the garage sale. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

What a lovely thing to do, to buy the item back for the daughter.

Unknown said...

Chill bumps are welling. What a beautiful and kind thing to do.

loonyhiker said...

What a kind and thoughtful person you are! My hubby and I tend to buy things from people at the flea market who are selling because they need to and not because they want to. As for your conversation, if you take out your name and put in mine, that is the same conversation that my hubby and I have often!

mom2triplets04 said...

I tagged you for MeMe check out my blog for more tetails.

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