Monday, September 10

Attention to Detail. When people come to your home what is the first thing you want them to see and why?

I don't want them to notice the pile of shoes at the door (although if they do, they will see we are a fun and active family). I don't want them to notice the last few dishes that didn't get cleaned (but if they do, they will see we are a family that values time together at dinner). I don't want them to notice the pile of toys and books (although if they do, they will know that we spend time reading and playing together). I don't want them to notice the pile of papers on the desk (although if they do, they will know we work hard, are involved in a lot, and pay our bills on time). I don't want them to see dust on the coffee table (although if they do, they will know that our time is better spent going for walks and playing outside). So, maybe I want them to notice the slight mess and disorganization, because afterall that is evidence of time spent together!

I sat an contemplated for a while what I would want someone to notice. I can be kind of a clean freak and only recently have accepted the fact that people stop by while you have laundry on your couch mid-folding and sometimes your bed is unmade until noon. It used to really bother me if ANYTHING was left out of place, but as I grow (and become more and more busy!) I have realized that sometimes it is more important to welcome a guest into your home when it is a mess, than make cleanliness more important than the guest visiting!


mom2triplets04 said...

I so enjoyed your entry today. I am living in a bit of a chaotic world right now. Toys all over the place. I really liked how you mentioned about the dishes in the sink, and books around that they are read and that you enjoy your family. I guess I should think of it more like that. So thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Here's to my mess!

Unknown said...

I like your positive spin on what could have been negatives.

Sandra said...

Yup yup yup! We used to be so clean-obsessed that we weren't "relaxing" in our home. It's nicer now, to partake in smaller bursts of tidiness, for the sake of more creativity, more family time, and more rejuvenation.

Great post!

Unknown said...

Well said.

Webfrau said...

Wise words and thanks for all those new ways of looking at my mess.

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