Friday, September 7

: Fashion Facts. Over the centuries, fashions have taken dramatic changes. Do you know of any obscure fashion facts to add to our knowledge?

Fashion facts??? Ok, coming from one of those people who likes to have a fashion all her own, I am not sure I know many fashion facts...
I know that purple represents royalty
I know that camel hair was once made into clothing (maybe it was just John...he ate locusts and honey too, so I can't say I will be taking any fashion tips from him!!!)
I know that silk smells like fish to me
I know that hoodies are the most comfortable and fabulous clothing item that exists!!! (Yeah, did I mention I own 40+ hoodies???)
I know that I am glad we (as women) can now wear pants...I am NOT a skirt person (yes, I own skirts and do wear them, but I am SO happy to jump back into my jeans!!!)
I know that it is acceptable to pay $100.00 or more for jeans that have holes and paint splatter on them- the new "grungy" look...Does anyone want to go shopping in my closet??? Hello, I own 4 pairs of authentically created holes and actual paint splatter created from...who would have guessed...PAINTING!!!!
I know that I don't understand this mini skirt or mid drift top phase...I don't want you to see my thighs or my love handles....I don't want to see your either!!!! And if you are in the 2% of society that can get away with showing that much skin without an ounce of fat hanging out, well, then please go to McDonalds and eat a cheeseburger so that I don't feel so bad about my extra 10 pounds! Ok???
I know that baseball caps and stocking caps are the greatest invention for a bad hair day!!!
I know that the greatest fashion icons in history are: Jackie O., Audrey Hepburn, and Janis Joplin...or any combination of the above LOL!!!


Jennifer Giuffre said...

LOL! I love the comment about those who can fit into mini skirts and mid-drift tops! I feel the same way! I've never liked wearing such things. I think it's stupid to show so much skin unless you're in a bathing suit with the intent to swim or tan!

Unknown said...

hehehe.... great post. But you must have closet the size of my house, LOL.

Nicole Young | Urban Wings Art said...

actually my closet is ridiculously small and half my clothes and shoes are in boxes and sacks in the basement waiting to be donated or "re-loved" I stick them down there, forget I have them and pull them out a year later and realize how much I love something! It's like shopping for free!!! LOL

loonyhiker said...

Great post! I'm glad you started with purple because I really like that color!

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