Tuesday, September 4

Blog Prompt 9/4

Simplify life. We all have them, those household items that we purchase for one thing and then end up using them for another. What items do you have that serve double duty?

Hmmm....well, I use one of my footstools (since we have two) as a baby gate to keep my 22 month old out of the glass bookshelves.
I use laundry baskets under the crib as toy boxes (pretty colors and everything!!!)
I use my towel hook in the bathroom as my curling iron hanger (keeps it off the counter while I get cleaned up)
I use vases as potpourri holders
I use an umbrella holder on my porch as a fake flower vase
I use unused book shelves on our back landing for shoe shelves (that way they aren't all over the floor!!!)
I use a placement sewn onto an old curtain as a table skirt for an ugly TV tray turned very cute end table by a chair (there isn't enough room for a normal table and they are so low, so I "created" my own table but didn't want to show off the fact that it was a TV tray...so don't tell anyone!!!)
I use baskets for everything...keys, toys, clothes, pillows, extra blankets, shoes, etc.
Ok, so I may not be the most inventive person in the world, but I guess I do have a few dual purpose items laying around!!!


Unknown said...

Love the tv tray idea. May have to try that one myself.

loonyhiker said...

Yup, the TV tray idea is a winner. You sound like a very resourceful woman! (my hero!). I liked the bookshelf idea and I love baskets too!

Nicole Young | Urban Wings Art said...

LOL, resourceful woman...I like that!!!!

Unknown said...

I like the tv tray idea, that's great.

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