Monday, August 27

What are your 10 favorite words?

The DSP blog prompt for 8/27...ooohhh, this is a hard one!!!!
1. Grace
2. Love (you can never use that word too much!!!)
3. Like ( if!!! Yeah, I don't even know if I really like the word, but it seems to be in my vocabulary a little too often!!!)
4. Young (yeah, it is my last name!!! I will be YOUNG forever!!! LOL)
5. Caffeine (it's a word that REALLY wakes me up!)
6. Done (since I am a bit of a procrastinator and a perfectionist, this word is sometimes hard to come by...but I love it when things are "Done!")
7. Yes (who doesn't like being told YES!!!)
8. Fabulicious (yeah, it really is a word in that Urban Dictionary and yeah, it cracks me up!!!)
9. Queen (I love words that start with Q...but it is even better if you attached royalty to it!)
10. New York (ok, 2 words, never been there, but it is my initials, so those "I LOVE NY" tshirts...yeah, they ROCK!!!!)


Unknown said...

A wonderful list of words. How great is it to have the initials NY. You will never lack for memorabilia....

loonyhiker said...

I loved your list! At least you will always feel Young! My maiden name was actually Loon and I will always feel loony!

Glynis said...

You and I seem to think a lot alike..lots of those are my favorites too!

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