Tuesday, August 28

Timeless Memories

This kit was completely inspired by DSP's Gundimom. She is such an awesome friend (even though I have never even had the chance to meet her! I guess that's just how these online friendships work!!! LOL) and was incredibly supportive while I was patiently waiting to find out if I was going to get the opportunity to be a DSP designer!!! Thank you Chris for naming and inspiring this kit for me!


Jennifer Giuffre said...

Wow! Nicole, these are great1 Cant wait to see them in the store!
Question...how did you get the header you have on the top of the blog? I just started blogging and have no idea how to do it.
jenniferhunt7@hotmail.com or pm cj672005 on DSP

Thanks! Again, I can't wait to see these kits in the store. I think this one is my fav!


mom2triplets04 said...

This is very pretty. Love the colors.

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