Thursday, December 20


To ponder.  To think about carefully.  To consider or deliberate.
But it doesn’t say she mentally pondered those things.  Nope.  She pondered them in her heart.
Stop there.  For just a moment and truly consider that.
She removed the mental logic.  She removed the gray matter.  She went straight to the heart.  To the ONE and ONLY place that could provide her the answers she was seeking.
Straight to the one place that was crying out for a Savior.  She pondered those things in the one place that longed to be whole.  Could Jesus, the baby that was just born, truly be the Son of God?  Could He truly be her Savior?  Could this tiny baby boy truly save mankind from their sins?

Have you pondered in your heart?  Those treasures that occurred over 2000 years ago?  Do you feel that?
That longing to be whole?  That longing for something more?  That feeling that is rooted in the depth of your heart that cries out for Someone or Something to make everything make sense?  Perhaps it’s that cry, that heart cry that you need to listen to.  Because by pondering in your heart that treasured night 2000 years ago.  You may just find all the answers that your heart desires.


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