Saturday, June 16

The Skinned-Knee Princess

So my Little Pea turned TWO recently.  I have seen SO many photos of pretty little princesses all decked out in pearls and fancy dresses, so we did a small photoshoot to recreate this idea.  Problem is?  My Little Pea is the POLAR OPPOSITE of a pretty princess.  Do you see the skinned knee?  She is my LOUDEST, most RAMBUNCTIOUS, most STUBBORN little one!  Seriously, if you ever come over to my house, you will need to supply your own ear-plugs.  The girl has lungs on her like you can't believe....move over Mariah Carey!!! 
***photo edited with Midnight In The Garden Overlay Set available at****
None the less, two year photoshoots are not complete with out all decked princess-y goodness.  But I also grabbed some shots of her more "natural" state, totally wild and crazy, I will post those pics soon for you all to see!!!

Have a JOY FILLED FABULOUS DAY!!!!!  MMMMWwwaaahhhhh!!!!


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