Monday, August 15

Come join us and you could WIN A KIT

I am running a new CAFE CREATIONS challenge with an under the sea cutesy creature theme!! Here is the inspiration and color scheme! Come make some suggestions for backgrounds and elements and at the end I will choose one of you to WIN THE COMPLETED KIT!!! All you have to do is make a suggestion and you will be ENTERED TO WIN!!! EASY PEASY!!! Come stop by!!!

CAFE CREATIONS challenge thread HERE


Unknown said...

Nice clean, pure colors. I can see backgrounds with flowing red and orange corals, sea fans and bubbles. Please please do a puffer fish! I love them and an eel, we never see eels in kits.

Nicole Young | Urban Wings Art said...

Great ideas!!! Come share more at DSP in the CAFE creations thread!!! That is where I pick a winner from!!!

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