Wednesday, February 24

New Fantasy Kit!!!!

Ohhhh this was SOOO much fun to make!!!  I hope you enjoy it!!!!  Enchanted Forest Value Collection


Hoozieg said...

As usual, you've made a wonderful, beautiful kit! Thanks for all you do!

I'm wondering if you could include the year in your dates. Down below your posts, there's a section called "You might also like.." that is probably automatically generated. I clicked on the first link thinking it was a freebie to go with this kit and it was no longer there. I'm embarrassed to say, when I finally looked at the dates on the comments, they were dated May 2009! THEN I looked at the month of your post and it said May 22 - I assumed it was Feb of THIS year. It would be so helpful for us old folks when we haven't had our first cup of coffee yet! ;-) I may still screw up and NOT read the date, but at least it would be there when I finally do figure it out!

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