Tuesday, February 16

DET CONTEST starts soon!!!!

Hey guys!  Are you interested in trying out for DSP's Digital Elite Team????  (It's our site's "creative team" but instead of having to work with only one designer, you get to work with ALL of the DSP's designers!!!  WHICH TOTALLY ROCKS IF YOU ASK ME!!!!)

I know you guys will do great and its a fun contest!  (even if you don't make it the first time!)  Before I was a designer, I tried out too and didn't make it!  So don't be nervous, its a hard contest but its worth the effort!!!!  Its hard when you don't make it, but its SO fun to be able to be part of a contest that produces such AWESOME layouts!!!   I hope you guys will give it a try!  I can't WAIT to see your layouts!!!  I know some of you will make it!!!  I JUST KNOW IT!!!!   So what are you waiting for????  CHECK OUT THIS THREAD FOR ALL THE DETAILS!!!!!!!

A few details:

The DET are our Digital Elite Team - these are a group of scrappers who through this contest are deemed by the judges ( Designers and DET admin) to best showcase the designs created by DSP designers.
They get a GREAT selection of kits and products to scrap with each month and for each layout they complete they are awarded with another product essentially meaning they can have almost an unlimited number of free products every month.

DET members must create 8 - 10 layouts per month to keep their position.

The DET tenure is 6 months but existing DET may try out for a second term and are exempt from the first round while they are still incumbent on the team.

New! - DET now are only able to hold the position for 2 consecutive terms - then they must stand down for one term before trying again

DET members may not be on any other creative team during their tenure.

The contest is an elimination style contest. Of the many who enter only a handful will be successful.
If you dont feel you can cope with rejection please dont enter the contest as most people who enter will not make the team and we hate it when people are disappointed because they werent chosen. -

The contest will be in 4 rounds - contestants will be provided with product to create their layouts from and will have 5 days to complete and upload their layout
The successful candidates will be announced in the forum and via Private message before the start of the next round

The first round will start on March 1 - Private messages with details and links to the initial products will be sent out the night before.


Taly said...

I wish I could come, but it's so late my time. Maybe I'll just have to play along, even if it's not real time.

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