Monday, November 9


What????   You haven't heard of it???  Are you SERIOUS????   Well that is just UUNNNNNNexceptable!!!!!
Multiplicity is a FUN FUN FUN digital scrapbooking challenge at DSP where THE DESIGNERS are the "challengees"!!!!

There are FOUR fabulous designers participating this time!!!  DSP's own......
Lauren Bavin, Heidi Kuester, Carole Harden, and ME!!!

You really really don't want to miss this!!!  There are chances to win free kits!!! LOTS of chances!!!!!  And there are going to be FOUR fabulous new kits created by us FOUR designers!!!  And YOU get to make ALL THE SUGGESTIONS!!!

Here is the color scheme!!!

So why are you still reading my blog?????????  Come play Multiplicity!!!!!


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