Thursday, October 29

Woowind days and aug-u-ing

Cuz I haven't posted any funny Tylerisms in a while....thought I would delight you with two great ones from today.....

Apparently my son (who has been sick for a week with a cough and cold) is in QUITE the mood....

While playing play-doh with his sister....
Tyler: "Can we be done now?"
Sis: "No, I am making something...."
Tyler: "But I want to play something else"
Sis: "In a few minutes, but right now I am making something..."
Tyler: "But Sissy...I want to play something else NOOOWWWWW!!!!"
Sis: "Tyler!  Not right now!"
Tyler:  "Oh Sissy...stop AUG-U-ING with me!!!"

About ten minutes later...Tyler is coloring in the living room while Daddy watches sports....

Tyler: "Daddy?"
Dad: "What buddy?"
Tyler: "You WOOWIND my day!"
Dad: "I what????"
Tyler: "You WOO-WIND MY DAY!"
Dad: "I ruined your day???......" I don't think he had a comeback for that one......

Hope you have a better day tomorrow buddy!!! 


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