Wednesday, October 7

Come chat with the CRAZY CHICKS!!!!

Hey guys!   What's on your schedule tomorrow night?  At about...say...10 pm Eastern???  What???  NOTHING AT ALL???   Well we have some fun and exciting entertainment for you then!  Come join Chris Gundersen and me for the Crazy Chicks Chat tomorrow (October 8th) at 10pm Eastern in the DSP chat room!!!  We will be chit-chatting (something we are both VERY VERY good at!  LOL)  and playing a game!  THere will be a few winners after the game and some random giveaways!!!!  You DO NOT want to miss a night with the CRAZY CHICKS!!!!  CHeck out the prize for the winners:

It will be featured in a coming CAFE challenge!  Hope you can make it!!!! MWWWAAAHHHHH!!!!!!


Wendy said...

The new kit is scrumptious!!! LOVE IT!

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