Tuesday, August 11


While I was off having a blast in Cali...my hubby got a first hand look at Tyler-isms....

My hubby hit his head rather hard on a cupboard and Tyler saw it.
Daddy: "UUUGGHhh ouch! That hurt!"
Tyler: "Oh daddy....You'll Live!"

(ok so maybe this is my fault, since I tell TYLER that when ever he comes to me with a non-existent injury....ooppppsss!)

At a different time....
Mommy: "Tyler you need to go potty before bed"
Tyler (sitting on the potty): "Its not coming out mommy!"
Mommy: "Just sit there, it will come out!"
Tyler: "No Mommy, it wont! Its stuck up there with tape!"


And another:
Tyler: I am SOOOOO hungry
Daddy: You are?
Tyler: Yeah! My throat is growling!


Mel and Mo Designs said...

I have to tell you that I laugh out loud when I read your Tyler-isms. He seems like quite the character. Thank you so much for sharing your character with us!

Carolyn Albro said...

LOLOL those are so funny!!! Hope you had a good time : )

Krisn said...

Ohh Nicole.. you make my day! Everytime I read your blog I smile... Thanks for adding smiles to my life! You are an angel in my life :) Thanks for being so awesome and sharing your wonderful talents with us all!

Raven38 said...

Alright Nicole we definitely need to get together more like our kids do Tyler is so much like my Cameron its not even funny LOL.My sister-in-law was going to the bank and she was taking her kids and Cam as politely as you please walked off the porch got to the car turned to me and said "Bye!Mom!Go With Ina(AKA Tina)Be Back Soon!UV YOU!"I couldn't do anything but laugh my butt off and he did he left with her LOL.Toddlers are trips but I truly believe if Tyler and Cam got together they would be inseparable and then we would definitely be in trouble then look out world here comes double trouble LOL!

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