Friday, August 21

Funny stories from the car....

Funny stories from the car....

Tyler- "Mommy, can alligators breathe underwater?"
Me- "Uhhhhhh (honestly, I had to think really hard and I am not even sure now that I really know the answer to this!) I dont think so."
Tyler-"Can fish?"
Tyler-"Can sharks?"
Me- "Yes"
Tyler-"Can people?"
Tyler- "Why not?"
Me-"Because we don't have gills."
Tyler"WHAT?" (sounding rather horrified)
At which point I tried to explain what gills were.
Tyler-"Ahhhh man, we don't have gills!" (yeah, bummer buddy!)

On the way to McDonald's at 8am (yeah, dont even say anything!  I had to make a grocery list and the McD's playplace is the perfect place for that!  TRUST ME!)
Me-"Tyler what do you want from McDonalds"
Tyler-"French Fries"
Me-"They dont have fries right now, its too early"
Tyler-"Why, you already asked them?"

And finishing up our errands today....
Tyler-"Library....CHECK!.....McDonald's......CHECK.....go home....CHECK"
Thanks for the checklist buddy!


Carolyn Albro said...

Awwwww that is TOO cute : ))

eagleszem said...

This story is very cute!

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