Wednesday, July 29

Rocker Chic Posting Bonus DONE!!!

Check out how you can still get this element set for FREE HERE!!!!!


Summer said...


Linda from AZ said...

Just love it, the colors, the details the elements, Perfect!

I also just finally made the plunge and bought the Rebel and got it yesterday, soooo lots to learn. One thing I did also buy is the canon lens, but the 55/250, excellent zoom, butalso excellent close up even the experts say it is hte one lens you can keep on your camera and not change out all the time. And, here is the best part, it has the stabilizer built into the lens for the zoom. So we'll both be at Adobe, trying to take pics and saying "how do you do that?" See you then. linda hyden

Krisn said...

you will love it! I know I love mine. I have had it for just over a year and have so much still to learn! Lots of practice! Thats how I learn on mine.

mncfi said...

Thank you for all your wonderful work! I am just learning digital scrapping, so I appreciate them so much. I would love to download this for my wanna-be rockstar son (he's 6 - has a long way to go musically- but the attitude is all there!) I got confused over at DSP, and I'm not sure..can I still download it?

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