Wednesday, July 22

No Shoes Mommy......

Tyler: "I dont want to wear shoes Mommy"
Me: "You have to wear shoes, we are going to the store"
Tyler: "But I dont want to wear them!"
Me: "Tyler, sit down so I can put them on you, don't argue with me!"
Tyler: "See the letters on my shirt Mommy?"
(I look down at his Wall-E shirt)
Me: "Yes, I see them"
Tyler (who is NOT a genius book-reading 3 year old, but a perfectly normal one who in NO way can read): "Those letter say: No Shoes On Me!" do you argue with THAT logic??????


Muma said...

LOL Oh this is so familiar
I usually say ... well no shoes, no store and no toy. That puts the end to that conversation with an OOOOOKAAAAAAY mummy.

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