Saturday, June 27

Car ride conversations.....

On our way to a Chinese restaurant....
9 year old daughter: Where are we going to eat?
3 year old son (butting in:) To Chinese Sissy! Ok?
Daughter: No, I mean what's it called?
Son: Its called Chinese! Remember!!!!
Daughter: UGHHHH!!! MOM!!!! I just want to know the name of the restaurant!
Me: Its called Wok In Motion...
Son: No, that not the place! We going to Chinese!!!

Enjoying the breeze in the new car with the back windows down...
Tyler: Mom, I drinkin' the air!!! It tastes so good!!!!! (see photo above!! And yes I took the photo while driving, but dont criticize! #1 I was going slow! #2 I wasnt looking as I took it, I was holding my point and shoot over my shoulder! #3 You know you have done it/have been tempted to do it!)

Mid-meltdown mode after a long day....
(Tyler crying for no apparent rhyme or reason...well technically I am blaming my mom for this! Cuz they spent the night their last night and she let them stay up until midnight!!!! MOM!!!!)
Tyler: (sniff sniff) I need a KKKLEEEENNNNEEXXXX (in between sobs)
Me and hubby search frantically in the car in order to find a non-existent kleenex...
Finding a used one (yes, bad mom! Gross! I know!!! But seriously!!! I was desperate! What would you do?) We ripped off the used part and gave him the half-piece of kleenex (yes this part was clean and booger free! I promise)
Handing it nicely to Tyler...
"Tyler? What do you say?" (correct response? THANK YOU!)
Actual response: "IT BRRROOOKKKKEEENNNN!!!!"
Me: Its fine buddy! Just use it!
Tyler: No, it broken! I want a fixed one!!!
Crying escalates at this point and I am very tempted to stuff the booger ridden half of the kleenex in my ears. Did I mention this is my mom's fault???? THANKS MOM!!! I owe you one!


TitanThirteen said...

Your kids are definatly characters! lol

Raven38 said...

Just be lucky when they are tired they don't tell you to "SHUT UP!EAVE ME ELONE!" with a large amount of crying & screaming mixed in when time for bed LOL I just got told that the other night because I said "Time to put the cars up it's bedtime."I blame that on my parents & husband spoiling my little guy rotten I have to be the bad guy LOL.So don't feel bad Nicole LOL.

Jenny said...

I take pics with my cell phone over my shoulder... (confessions) and often wipe noses on blankets and t-shirts because I cannot find kleenex. I think every mom was driven to do these type of things because of kids. (smile)

TitanThirteen said...

Uummmm i just came from the forums where i missed out on the freebie add on. I was on time though. I feel bad asking you for something coz i'm already so grateful for the freebies you do provide!
But if you don't mind, can you please send the lay out challange bonus to . Thanks :o)

Vianna said...

Greetings from Florida, Nicole!
Would you know where I can find an envelope template (PSD file prefered) that I can apply my own papers to, then cut, assemble & SEND THROUGH THE EMAIL? A@ or A6 would work. Thank you & warm wishes!

Kerryt said...

I have totally taken a picture while driving! Kids crack me up. I enjoy reading your posts as I have a 3 year old too. And thanks for the great freebies - I am new to digital scrapping and it helps me build a stash. :)

Wendy said...

Oh my dear Nicole...I am going to be guilty of the same thing since I am a Grandma. I am siding with Mom on this one, its our right as Grandparents! Just wait, you're gonna love it when its your turn.
Two, I'm feeling your pain Sista! With both Grands living with us now (3 1/2 and 2) I'm right there with the tantrums for no apparent reason and wonderfully funny car conversations.
I haven't done the pics in motion yet, but if I have my camera in hand, the Grandson is saying "Cheese" without prompting now! LOL!

Kathleen said...

Yeah, you took the family to Chinese!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Yep, I've used my point and shoot to take a picture of the road in front of me while driving in a snow storm! Great post. Kids...

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