Wednesday, February 4

New kits! New kits! New Kits!!!!!!!!

Ok...I have to admit...I am a sucker for Valentine's day and all the oooeey gooey mushy stuff...ok...but NOT the chocolate! I don't like chocolate! But I LOVE the hearts and flowers and candy aisle FILLED with gummy cinnamon hearts, conversation hearts and sweetarts! Now...if only I could get my husband to read my blog so he would know what I wanted for Valentine's Day (HINT HINT.....FLOWERS, CANDY, HEART-FELT-CARD-WITH-SICKENINGLY-SWEET-POEM-IN-IT!.....oh yeah and a back rub....foot massage....) ANYWAY....I am so excited to show you guys the new kits that are in the store for February!!! Two kits are all about LOVE

Calling Cupid Page Kit

Love Is In the Air Page kit

And I also did an instant album for those of you that want your albums done quickly and easily!!! It comes with SIX ploppers ready to place directly over your photos! You will be done with your layouts in just MINUTES!!!

Midnight in the Garden Instant Album

Hope you enjoy all the new items!!! Happy Scrapping!!!! MMMWWWAAAHHHH!!!!!!


Unknown said...

Those are adorable! Love the umbrella, too cute!!!! I am so glad there is someone else out there that doesn't like chocolate. My girlfriends say we have a mising DNA cell, I think we are unique, lol!

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