Thursday, January 8

Want More Mocha Latte Love????

The CAF-E! Freebie is done!!! And you still have time to get it for FREE....

Check out details HERE!!!!

And watch for a new Blog Freebie coming in the next couple days!!!


Jeanet said...

Looking good Nicole. Just wanted to let you know that I've used your excellent tut on blog design. What first looked so complicated turned out to be easy. So THANK YOU. I've used the Mocha Latte Love & Happiness for it. - Jeanet, DSP

Unknown said...

Love your work. But wanted to comment on your recent obsession with the Twilight saga. I am obsessed too. Read all the books immediately, just like you, ignoring my family until all the pages were read. And for the last two days I have been reading Midnight Sun off of Stephanie Meyer's website, which is Twilight from Edward's point of view. LOVED IT!!!! Keep up the awesome inspiration!

Simply Sarah said...

such a cute little out of space kit... thanks.

I have been wanting to read Twilight forever... since reading about it on Tina's (word art) blog and ellie lash's blog. finally a friend let me borrow it and I read it all on xmas morning... after gifts were opened of course. Now i am dying to know what happens because I read the first chapter of the next book that was at the back of twilight... i am seriously gonna have to check out the library... cant wait much longer.

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