Sunday, January 18

3 down.....97 to go

So I had this big goal this year. Scrap 100 layouts. EASY PEASY right?? I mean, thats less than one layout every 3 days!!! So I should be on layout....ohhhh SIX right now. What layout am I on??? THREE! 3! Tres! Is that spelled right??? I never spoke took Spanish in school! BUT you know what, instead of rushing through 6 layouts just to get them done, I lazily scrapped 3! Yes I am lazily ignoring my scrapping resolution! And I am ok with that! And I now I am going to go lazily ignore my diet resolution and my clean house resolution....what IS that growing on my dirty dishes....YUM!


Lindyroz said...

I'm howling here! LOL with you rudely ignoring things!! Beautiful LO of your young man too!! Ignore things... relax and enjoy yourself!!

WendyW said...

Beautiful!! This is the first I've seen of your designs...but you can bet I'll be back!!! I subscribed!

Jane F. Smith said...

what an adorable LO!! Love your work!! and your blog looks fantastic!!

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