Friday, December 5

Vintage Grunge Photoshop Tutorial

This tutorial was written in CS3. Hope you enjoy it!!! And be sure to show me what you create!! I love seeing it!!!

Begin by opening up your photo and converting it to

a layer (rather than leaving it as a background).

Simply right click on your photo in your layers

palette and choose Layer From Background.

Duplicate your photo layer. Right click on the

photo in your layers palette and choose Duplicate.

Click on your bottom layer and go up to

This should leave your bottom layer as a black and

white photo and your top layer as an original

colored photo.

Click on your top color layered and change your

blend mode to OVERLAY.

Duplicate your colored photo layer (which is still

set to overlay). You now have a bottom layer that

is black and white and two layers on top of that

both set to overlay.

Click on your top layer. Go to IMAGE>BLACK AND

Click the TINT box so that there is a green check

and change your tint settings to:
Hue: 42
Saturation: 15
Click OK

Reduce the opacity on your new sepia toned layer

(the top layer) to approx. 70% and check to make

sure that the blend mode is still set on Overlay.

We have now created a grungy vintage colored photo

but we still want to add the grunge edge.

Merge all your photo layers into. Right click on

the top layer and choose MERGE VISIBLE.

Right click on the merged image and choose BLEND

OPTIONS (or another way to do this is to click on

your "FX" button at the bottom of your layers


Once your effects palette has opened choose
INNER GLOW and change your settings to:
Blend mode: Multiply
Opacity: 90
Noise: 0
Solid Color chosen and choose a dark brown or black

Choke: 0
Size: 130

Range: 50
Jitter: 50

Click OK

You now have a grunge edge photo! Happy





rl said...

Hey, Nicole. Thanks so much for the quick tutorial. I've done these, but fiddled and fiddled. It's so nice to have steps!!

Simply Sarah said...

Love the nicely written steps to great pics. I just play and play with mine until I like how they look.

The Ballard's said...

Okay my first try didn't go so well...cause I did it wrong, but in my defense I am new to the photoshop world & I am using elements. So look what I can do, thanks to you!!! You are amazing.

Chelsie said...

can i do this in just plain photoshop? i got as far as the step click image>black and!

Dixie(Mama) said...

I use PSCS2, and could not find the 'black & white' option, so I just used 'Hue & Saturation' with these values:

Hue: +20
Saturation: +30
Lightness: +20

make sure 'colorize' is checked.

Great tutorial Nicole!!

Tora´s Vintage Dream said...

Hi Nicole love your tutorial, but can you help me some....when I get to where it says BLACK AND WHITE I seem to get lost, I work in PS CS2 and can not find Image-Adjustment-BLACK AND WHITE
Thank you TORA

Wendy said...

I have to write out the tutorial and I am going to try in soon. Thank you!

Stephanie said...

I tried to follow in PSP...but couldn't quite make it happen. Any chance you might write a tutorial for PSP? Thanks!

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