Sunday, October 12

Need a little LOOOOVVVEEE Potion???????

This week's CAF-E! Challenge features my new kit LOVE POTION:

You can go check it out in the DSP store here:

Yeah, I know you guys are tapping your fingers waiting for me to show you the freebie huh?????? Wellllll FIRST I have to tell you a store ;) Have you guys seen PS I Love You and No Reservations??? I watched BOTH last night...ummmm I think I went through 3 boxes of kleenex!!! Those had to be the most tearjerking movies EVER!!! Uggghhh!!! But they were both GREAT! Even if I am all sappy and lovesick today!!! Ok....on to the freebie :) Teased you long enough!!!

Your freebie this week is Love Potion #2 Page Kit:

Link removed this kit will be in the DSP store soon!!! But be sure to check out the newest blog freebie!!


Leslie said...

Well that's a fun thing to wake up to. :)

A bit of consolation for having to go back to work for ten weeks. :)

hiccup42 said...

Its brilliant Nicole, thank you!

hiccup42 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Wendy said...

Absolutely love these KITS! Thank you so much for sharing them with us. I used your background on my latest NK's LO. OK, so I had to darken it a bit...but I used it! LOL!

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