Wednesday, October 29

Inspiring Layouts!!!

Ohhh man you guys made it next to impossible YET AGAIN to choose some inspirational layouts!!! I picked TWO this week, cuz I couldnt narrow it down...I almost picked more than that...because WOW these layouts were just amazing!!!!

First layout is Sammdc's In Between Layout - She created such a unique and beautiful collage of pictures and pieces that fit together perfectly across the page!!! I loved the way the photos ranged across the page and left white space on the top and bottom! Just fantastic!!!!
Check out here layout here

Our second layout is Cheecheongfun's What a Hoot Fluffy and Rusty! layout- This layout is SO cute with the cat's looking up at the little owl and the awesome text style that she has created along the side!! Love it!!!
Check out her layout here


samm said...

wow I am so delighted to be featured on your blog Nicole and even happier to share the spot with Doris who layouts have long been a true inspiration to me. Many thanks Nicole and I totally love ALL your kits.

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