Tuesday, October 21

CAf-E! Wallart by Paulaoneil

This week's inspirational layout is by paulaoneil over at DSP!

Her layout is just SO eyecatching and beautiful! From the angle of the photo to the cluster of elements and the beautiful white space surrounding it! What a fantastic layout!!!

Leave her a comment on her layout here
Check out her awesome gallery here


sandygb said...

Boo. I am a bit frustrated today. It's been 24 hours and I still can't access DSP....can't see Paula's page, can't access the forums or store and can't download the freebie. :( I'm in the mountains on my dialup connection and getting an error trying to access DSP. No probs with other sites...just DSP. I've emailed Kim and she is checking for me. I am so lost. sigh.....

Nicole Young | Urban Wings Art said...

Ohhh Sandy, I am so sorry! I will check on that for you and see whats going on. I will get back to you if I dont see you on DSP soon!!!

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