Wednesday, September 3

Please don't pee on my carpet!

It's been YEARS since I have gone through the wonderful (insert sarcasm here) potty-training stage!!! We have been at this for 24 hours....(well not including night time and make that 13 hours....) we have gone through 5 pairs of big boy underpants (ran out of Diego ones and are now onto Superman!) and have peed on the floor, rug, and carpet but NOT in the big boy potty! And let me tell you, this is not just ANY big boy potty this is the SUPER AWESOME big boy THRONE that makes sounds when you go!
We have set the timer every 20 minutes and run to the potty each time it beeps or anytime that we suddenly decide to use the word "potty" and how many times we have actually pee-peed (sorry if this is not the term you use, insert your own fabulous "mommy" word here!) in our big boy potty??? ZERO!! ZILCH!!! NADA!!!
OHhhh boy, this is NOT as easy as I thought it was going to be!
Yesterday we purchased "Elmo Potty Time" which has made sitting on the big boy potty fun and bearable, but its not producing the desired results!!!
HELP!!!! I seriously would love to hear your potty-training advice! I honestly believe that he is old enough (will be 3 in November) and ready (he doesn't like having a wet diaper and asks to be changed) but I dont know how to get the concept of going potty on the big boy potty NOT on mommy's floor through his sweet little head!!! Major advice needed!!!!


Ginny said...

have you tried the reward system. for Tyler it could be salttine crackers, LOL! I used m&m's. 1 for having dry pants when we got to the potty and 1 more for going in the potty. Another thing we tried which really did work, but was also LOTS of work, was being naked. My boys seemed more aware when naked. Hope this helps! I thought I was going to pull all my hair out before my oldest was potty trained. One day, he just got it, and rarely had another accident, but it was a LONG road. I'd actually gave up.

Meg said...

You're doing exactly what we did. Man that was a long weekend, on the potty every 20 minutes. Yes, on rewards, too. M&M's were ours. It only took 3 days before we were totally done with "number 1". "Number 2" didn't get accomplished for many months after that, but it was partly a sensory issue for George.

You'll make it! Keep the rug cleaner handy!

Nicole Young | Urban Wings Art said...

Oh we have GOBS of M&Ms!!! Yes, we are doing the reward thing too!!!

bandwife said...

Yes the reward system works. For mine it was using the BIG potty! lol Not sure why but he would get up there backwards and that seemed to help and he didn't fall in as well.

Good luck!

loonyhiker said...

With my nephew, we threw in bits of toilet paper and let him use them as target practice. He liked that game!

Liz McCoy said...

i don't have any advice as I've not actually potty trained anyone (yet).

I do have some fun resources. WE have that same fancy smancy potty and my boy is WAY TOO BIG FOR IT! he doesn't like sitting on it. We have 2 little potties from ikea and he doesn't like those either.

He does like the cushioned little seat insert that goes on the actual potty.

My mom swears by the potty train in a day book it worked for ALL of us girls:

We just bought at the wally world a book that has his matching potty (the one you're using) and it was a realistic book with a real little boy. He likes looking at and saying diaper and underwear when the boy wears underwear.

He likes this elmo video from sesame street's website found on you tube b/c couldn't locate on ss:

Good LUCK!!! sorry i don't have any advice. Pass along what works my way will ya :)

Liz McCoy said...

oh yeah the book has a chart with stickers. So we plan to implement the sticker chart in the next month or so.

He is weird about things like this morning he wakes up tells me i go pee pee on the potty and i took him and he went.

But other times he wont tell me??

Lori Cameron said...

My little one just refused to even try. He just had no interest in it. Then when he started preschool, just before his 3rd birthday, and the school couldn't put him in the big kid 3 year old class unless he was mostly potty trained. They had a very interesting approach to training, and believe it or not it really worked! They asked we bring him to school in regular big boy underwear and at school if he had an accident, he had to change his clothes himself, and help clean up the accident. I swear, it was only 3 days, and there were no more accidents. He didn't want to touch the dirty wet clothes or help clean up the mess so he just decided to use the potty instead. Unusual, but it did work... Good luck!! He will get it soon!!

jessjgh1 said...

Seriously, skip the underwear and pants and go naked.
This made a world of difference for my son. Then if works you can make a fun game out of pretending to put the clothes back on (or taking them off if he notices before hand) and then try with the clothes.

There was a long stretch where my son was 100% if he was naked, but the second we'd put clothes back on we'd go through them QUICKLY.

Naked is a lot easier to clean up anyways, if that's any consolation.

Good luck and keep it fun!

JStockert (~Julia) said...

Here's the various things that worked with my 4 kids...
1. Bribery (aka Reward System (LOL)) I used M&M's (or cookies, etc) each time they actually sat on the potty and went. They love food so it worked fairly well.

2. Potty targets - you can actually purchase flushable potty training targets that can be placed in the toilet and the child aims for them. Or you could use something small that is biodegradable and flushes.

3. Potty training DVD - my daughter got a kick out of that one.

4. mega amounts of praise

5. Basically acting crazy when they really succeed. I'm always making up crazy words to various music and I would make up silly congratulatory songs, make goofy faces and make them dance through the house with me to celebrate.

6. Call daddy at work and tell him the good news. Call grandma and tell her the good news and get more congrats :)

Lots of luck!!!

Nicole Young | Urban Wings Art said...

Ohhh you guys are awesome!!! Thanks for all the great advice!

Susie said...

The only thing I did differently with my first son was that he didn't wear anything on the bottom. And we had tile floors. It was a little easier to clean up.
We also put the potty seat in the family room, so he could watch tv on the pot, or get there fast enough while he was playing.
We're just about to start potty training son #2, and I'm seriously thinking about letting him run buck in the back yard. The potty seat on the deck and sunscreen applied liberally. I'd better get started soon, it's starting to get cool outside!
Have you tried running the water in the sink or bathtub when he's sitting on the potty seat? If that can help him go the first time, he just might get it!

Susie said...

Oh, I almost forgot that we also love the Elmo's Potty Time game on Sesame

Unknown said...

My 3 yr old boy liked to sit on the big toilet, but wouldn't actually go. Then Santa brought him A Peter Potty Toddler Urinal. He was stripping down and trying to use it right there by the Christmas tree. He only used it for a few months, but totally worth it!

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