Friday, September 5

Good News from the Potty Front!

Well I am just bursting with excitement that DS ASKED (did you read that right???? I will repeat it again, in case you missed it.....ASKED) to go on the potty! He came running into the bathroom "Potty! Potty! Elmo Book Please!!!!!" He wanted to go on the potty with his Elmo book (and I thought this book thing wouldnt work! I love you Elmo!!!) And he sat right down and "doo doo doo dooooooo (that was the best imitation I could make of his big boy throne singing his praises! Think horns being played for royalty) And sure enough he had FILLED that little potty!!! And was SOOOOO excited!!!! Now, we have not yet had a repeat of this, since it was 10 minutes before bedtime, but his diaper was dry and he went on the potty! SIIIGGGHHHHH what a wonderful mom moment!!! We are just letting him go on his own at this point, if he is ready, we will encourage it, if not, no pressure, I now know he knows what to do, and when he's ready, he will! (aren't I such a good listener!!! All you fabulous moms/nurses/grandmas who gave me GREAT advice!)
And just in case you are getting totally bored with my endless ramblings about potty....don't worry, I will be posting a freebie sometime this weekend!!! Mwwaaahhh


Dixie(Mama) said...

Ah, Potty training....such a rollercoaster ride, isn't it?? Sending a virtual high-five to your little man!!

Liz McCoy said...

YIPPIE!!!!!! That's fantastic!! Glad to hear that!!!

I've been encouraging #2 and use his cousin as encouragement. I say delia goes poo poo in the potty and now when I say lets go poo poo in the potty he'll say no but say delia poo poo in the potty. Hmmm I think that backfired on me HAHAHAH

Kathleen said...

Waahhhooooo!!! Way to go little boy, and way to go Elmo! I hope the streak continues.

Kay Butler said...

Yay Elmo !! ..and YAY YAY YAY to such a big boy !! What a momentous occasion !!! (now who would've thought a smelly poo poo could be such a cause for celebration ??!! LOLOLOL!!!)

Anonymous said...

BOY am I glad I stumbled upon your blog tonight, Nicole! I'm in the PT stage right now with my 3yo. He is SUPPOSED to be PT'd already, per his preschool. THEY think he's in the final stages, and have ok'd his pull-up usage for a bit. But between me, you, and everyone else out here? He's nowhere near ready.

I've been trying to MONTHS to get him to go. NOTHING. The kid isn't interested at all.

I'm about to go back through your posts to read about your PT journey and tips your readers have left. Maybe I'll find my answer here somewhere.


I am SO ready to be done with diapers!

Oh yeah, thanks for the beautiful freebie too ... which is how I came to find you here!

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