Monday, July 28

Sorry no freebie today!

Hey guys! I wanted to let you know I hadnt forgotten about you! But I made the whirlwind trip to the Adobe crop this weekend and wasnt able to get a freebie made for you this week! I will be back with a freebie next Monday I promise!!! Hope everyone is doing well and for those that went to Adobe, hope it was a blast!!! I know I had SUCH a great time!!!


Susie said...

Great! I am so glad you posted this! I was going to have to find it on UTube and I had no idea where to start!! I had a blast at the Adobe Crop and it was so nice to meet you! I love your designs and I appreciate that you take the time to comment on not only the layouts using your designs, but on so man of my other ones too!


Nicole Young said...

Oh Suzie, thanks!!! It was great meeting you too!!! And you were just like I imagined you!!! Glad you had such a great time!!! I did too!!!

Susie said...

I realized I published this on the wrong spot! I can never tell where I am supposed to comment! lol! Oh, well, we're having our own secret conversation!

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