Tuesday, November 13

Blog Prompt 11-13-2007

What pets or animals are you thankful for?
UMmmmmmm....my husband???
No really...I love animals, just don't have a pet at the moment! Although Preston (my hubby) would really like to get a dog sometime soon! I am just not ready to deal with house-breaking and shedding right now! I have enough trouble trying to keep my house clean without adding more messy creatures to the mix!
But I would say dogs are my weakness...if I hear about puppies I suddenly feel like I need to own all of them. Or if I hear a story about a animal that has been abused and is at the local rescue shelter...suddenly I want to the be the rescuer. It is that ingrained need to nurture and care for the things that can't take care of themselves. I thought for a very long time that I wanted to be a veterinarian but after working at a vet clinic in high school I realized that there were harder parts of the job that I wasn't going to be able to deal with. I still love dogs and can't wait to have one, but need just a little bit more time to get my house in order before I add more messiness!


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