Saturday, August 25

Gridiron Glory

With fall just around the corner and football already lighting up the T.V. at our house, I couldn't resist creating a football kit!!! I am really excited about this kit because even if you aren't a football fanatic, this is an extremely versatile kit! Most of the elements are versatile enough to use in ANY layout not just sports and football related ones! So scrap a picture of your children's football game, your picnic in the park, the BBQ with relatives, scrap just about anything! I think you will really enjoy this kit!!!


Momma Byrd said...

Perfect kit for a project I'm working on for our neighbor boys. I'm working on football albums for each of them. It's the least I can do because they were over every day all summer offering help with whatever I needed. I love them like they're my own. PS Any chance I can get the ever popular, ever cheesy foam finger for an Add-On?

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