Friday, June 29


Thought 1: (Yeah, I know, I am SO deep!!!)
When choosing what my priorities are for the day, I consider what is most fun. I chose scrapping, chatting, and reading over dusting, scrubbing, and laundry. Some people may call that laziness...I call it alternative productivity!


J e a n i e said...

Hey Nicole~

Now, that's my way of thinking! doing! being!


(new at DSP)

Glynis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Glynis said...

I love that phrase 'alternative productivity'...I am so going to use that.

I found your blog through DSP and see that you're a Christian...I moderate the faith book challenge there and would love to have you join us! Or for the scrap blog forum there too! (sorry about deleting the previous comment..I just couldn't spell) :)

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